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The STP-90 from Cytec is a crucial tool in the automotive manufacturing sector, specifically in the "Body-in-White" (BIW) assembly process, where vehicle components are joined together. This system comprises a series of clamping devices that apply precise forces to hold parts in place during assembly, ensuring accurate and repeatable results​ (CYTEC UK)​ (YUMPU Magazines)​.Technically, the STP90 system is known for its reliability and adaptability.
It consists of mechanical clamping mechanisms that are pneumatically actuated, providing a stable connection of components. 
The clamping systems can be adjusted both axially and radially, allowing for flexible handling during the assembly process. 
Key technical specifications include a clamping force of up to 12.5 kN at a pressure of 6 bar and a maximum holding force of 25 kN​​.
The STP90 system is often customized to meet specific assembly requirements and is available in various configurations, including pneumatic clamping units with piston diameters of 90 mm​. Overall, the STP90 system enhances the accuracy and efficiency of vehicle assembly, contributing to the production of high-quality vehicles.