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CYTEC Systems UK Ltd appointed distributors for Servomold in the UK.

With the introduction of all electric moulding machines, together with some customers reluctance to use hydraulics in a clean room environment. CYTEC Systems were keen to be able to offer Servo systems as well as Hydraulic solutions to our customers.

After investigation of available solutions, it became apparent that process knowledge and machine integration was of the utmost importance for us to be able to offer a reliable and cost effective solution for unscrewing systems and linear movements on injection mould tools.
We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed distributers of Servomold for the UK market.

Servomold have over the last 10 years built up a lot of know how on the use of servo drives in injection mould tools and their integration into the moulding machine.

Founded in 2011 they merged with I mold in 2017 and have become the leading supplier of system solutions for the realisation of servo-electric and linear movements in injection mould tools.From single threads in technical plastic parts, linear slides and core puller movements, to multi cavity cap moulds- they have the servo-electrical alternative for every injection mould.

PDF-​Integrated drive for rotatable indexing plates

PDF - Linear Actuator –
fully integrated

PDF- Compact rotary cooling