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Cylinder Technology

As the patent holder, CyTec has been manufacturing core pull locking cylinders, block cylinders, as well as locking cylinders and stop cylinders for a wide variety of applications for more than 30 years, from mechanical and plant engineering to the plastics processing industry

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CYTEC Clamping system

The CYTAB clamping system from Cytec provides versatile clamping options for workpieces in machine tools as well as for use in automotive sheet metal production lines, especially in the Body-in-White sector. Modern manufacturing systems demand a modular design to quickly adapt to the growing requirements for flexible workpiece processing. The CYTAB clamping system meets these demands through its high adaptability and efficiency.

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CYTEC Milling Heads

Decades of experience in the development of milling heads with direct drive allow our customers to benefit from a significant technological advantage. Our product selection consists of precise and highly reliable machining heads, which are distinguished by their high dynamics.

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NC- Rotary tables

Rotary tables are products equipped with powerful drives featuring direct-driven axes, making them ideal for precision tasks in CNC machining. These tables are extensively used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical technology, where they significantly enhance the quality and productivity of modern manufacturing processes by providing exceptional control and efficiency

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CYTEC Motor Spindles

The modular motor spindles from CYTEC, from the 'modular system,' can be configured specifically for your application and manufactured according to customer specifications; this covers almost the entire spectrum of conceivable machining tasks.

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CYTEC Torque-Motors

Due to their high efficiency and precise control, CYTEC Torque Motors are particularly suitable for demanding applications in CNC machining, such as in aerospace, the automotive industry, or medical technology. They significantly contribute to enhancing the quality and productivity of modern manufacturing processes.

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